Performance Advantage is built on science and experience. We are dedicated to creating an educated athlete that can use the fundamentals of sport science and human nutrition to help themselves achieve their goals.

Power meters (cycling and running), heart rate monitors, GPS watches, accelerometers, optical sensor technology. It can all get a bit much at times. Getting a personalised step-by-step consultation on how to integrate technology into your training program can help you use your expensive device to its full potential. Heard about Low-Carbohydrate diets but not sure how or if it would work for your training and competing? Will and Steve are some of the most educated and well respected people in the area of performance sports nutrition and can advise on an individual or group basis.


Sport Science

We can help you with everything from Heat acclimation and altitude training to running technique and chronic fatigue.


We do one-on-one sessions with athletes to large coach and athlete groups. Learn how to gain the performance advantage.


We offer training camps for endurance athletes at “weekend warrior” level and above. We run our own camps and can even organise camps for your personal training groups.


We are able to offer lecture style and hands on seminars for all things performance sport science. Details can be discussed on case by case basis.


We offer a wide range of consultancy services for sports people of all codes and disciplines. We support athletes to get the most out of their training, their sports science testing, their nutrition and much more!

  • Nutrition

    Knowing what to eat and when to eat is a big part of endurance sport. Let us help you find out what works and what doesn’t for training, racing and lifestyle nutrition.

  • Sports Tech

    Every year new sports tech enters the market and some it offer valuable data that can help you achieve your goals. Having an understanding on how these devices work and when to use is paramount to utilise their potential.

  • Junior Development

    Along with being a Professor in sport and exercise science Steve fathers two of New Zealand’s best endurance athletes. Find out all the little tips and tricks that you can use to help raise champion athletes.

  • Coaching

    Individualised training plans for athletes at all levels. We can provide with ready-made sport specific training plans to in-depth high performance strategies.

  • Performance Psychology

    Performance is all about identifying what is holding you back and finding a strategy to combat it when it inevitably comes up. Find out how to start being a more relaxed, energetic and comfortable before your next big event.

  • Self-coach Advice

    A lot of people enjoy coaching themselves for many reasons. But there comes a point where everyone second guesses themselves. Consulting an expert on planning your season, periodising your training or getting advice on where things may have gone wrong can help give direction.


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