About Performance Advantage

Performance Advantage is an endurance sport consultancy firm. We differ slightly from your normal coaching business or group being that we are sports scientists and our goal is to to use our skills to create not just a good athlete but an educated one.

Using the fundamentals of sports science and human nutrition we will set you on a path that gives you the control of your future and the power to achieve your goals.

Run by Professor Steve Stannard and Will O’Connor our goal is to bring sport science to the people. With our knowledge and expertise, we will make you the best athlete you can be. We make sure that, if they should need it our athletes can get access to resources that might otherwise only be accessible to professional or elite athletes.

Steve and Will have been elite athletes themselves and are now using their extensive academic and sporting background to help many of New Zealand’s top Junior and Open elite athletes achieve success.

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Meet The Team

Will O’Connor – PhD

Dr Will O’Connor completed his PhD in 2017 and his thesis titled “Metabolic Flexibility and Endurance Exercise” centred on applying different nutritional strategies to optimise physical performance.

Will utilises his knowledge in sport science to help elite and everyday athletes achieve their performance goals. Will has collaborated with the TriNZ high performance program as well as the Massey University Academy of Sport.

Will competes in numerous events himself and often places in the top echelons of endurance sport in New Zealand.

Steve Stannard – PhD

Dr Steve Stannard is a research academic and Professor in Exercise Physiology at the School of Sport and Exercise at Massey University. He has a PhD in Exercise Physiology and also a Masters of Nutritional Science, both from the University of Sydney.

He teaches and conducts research at the interface of exercise science and human nutrition, and his work on endurance training, sport supplements, and muscle recovery, is very well regarded.

Prof. Stannard is often sought by the media for public comment (national newspapers, television, and radio) about issues relating to sport performance, and in particular, supplements in sport.

In his younger years, Prof. Stannard represented Australia as a road-racing cyclist. He is still a keen Masters competitor in bicycle racing, having won a number of NZ Masters titles in road cycling.

Prof. Stannard has also held the position of a National Road Cycling Development Coach for a number of years, and has managed and coached NZ National Teams at a number of international events. He has personally coached cyclists to International Level, including two athletes to the World Road Cycling Championships.