Runner coming back from injury

Running Back from Injury

If you’ve recently suffered a running-related leg injury that has put you out of running for a week or more you’ll want to be careful coming back to training.
Runners often underestimate the amount of time it takes to adapt back to a full running schedule. It’s not as simple as thinking “I use to run one hour at a time, so if I start back at 30min I’ll be fine”. Unfortunately, the human body doesn’t work like that.
It is likely that your injury would have been caused by one of these three factors:

Running Injury Factors

  1. Increasing load too quickly.
  2. Not getting enough recovery between runs/races.
  3. Running too much.

Technique Isn’t the Problem

I’m going to ignore running technique because if you have bad technique, you can still run, but you just can’t run a lot since your legs aren’t absorbing ground shock efficiently. In most cases, factor 3, running too much, will be the reason for your injury, rather than your technique specifically. If you improve your technique, you’ll be able to run more, but it won’t stop you getting injured because you can still run too much.

Therefore, coming back to running after an injury must take into account the three factors mentioned. You must ensure you do not increase your running duration/distance too quickly (factor one), you need to have adequate recovery between runs (factor two), and you need to avoid overdoing it (factor three).

Training Plan

The “Running Back From Injury” programme takes into account all three factors and is designed for experienced runners who have had 1-8 weeks off running.

You can print a copy of the programme below or pay $14.99 for the trainingpeaks version and load it directly into you trainingpeaks account. To purchase click HERE.


Running back from injury training plan



Will O’Connor PhD
Sport Scientist
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